Best Turkish Coffee in Istanbul!

Step into the bustling streets of Istanbul and you’ll soon be hit by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. In Turkey, coffee isn't just a beverage — it's a social experience that has been perfected over centuries.

Turkish coffee is world-renowned for its strong flavor and unique brewing process. It’s a staple in Turkish culture, enjoyed any time of day with friends, family or even during business meetings.

But what makes Turkish Coffee so special? What's in it? How do you order it like locals do?

In this article, we'll explore everything there is to know about Turkish Coffee - from its history and traditions to how to drink it properly - so you can fully immerse yourself in the rich coffee culture and enjoy all that Turkey has to offer!

Turkish Coffee in Istanbul Is a must do!

turkish coffee
Turkish coffee and spices in wooden tray. Low shallow focus

If you're a coffee lover and happen to be in Istanbul, then trying out Turkish coffee is an absolute must. Renowned for its strong taste and unique brewing technique, Turkish coffee is more than just a drink - it's a cultural experience that has been around for centuries.

The preparation process of Turkish coffee involves boiling finely ground beans in water and sugar, and drinking it without filtering the grounds. The result is a rich, flavorful brew with a thick foam layer on top that's perfect for savoring slowly.

In Istanbul, there are plenty of traditional cafes and street vendors where you can enjoy authentic Turkish coffee. Don't be afraid to ask locals for recommendations as they'll surely have their favorite spots they'd love to share with you!

And while you're at it, don't forget about the delicious treats that pair perfectly with this beverage. Pastries like baklava or künefe (a sweet cheese pastry) are great choices if you have a sweet tooth. However, if you prefer something savory, try out some börek (savory pastries stuffed with meat or cheese) which go great with tea as well!

What Turkish treats go great with Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is not only about the coffee itself, but also the treats that complement it. In Turkey, there are a few traditional desserts that go perfectly with Turkish coffee.

Firstly, try baklava. This sweet and flaky pastry layered with chopped nuts and honey syrup is a classic dessert in Turkey. The crunchy texture of baklava pairs well with the strong flavor of Turkish coffee.

Another great option is lokum (or Turkish delight). This soft and chewy candy comes in various flavors such as rosewater, pistachio, and lemon. It's a perfect snack to enjoy while sipping on your Turkish coffee.

If you're a fan of cookies, then acıbadem kurabiyesi might be just for you! These almond cookies are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They're named after their shape which resembles an almond kernel or "acıbadem" in Turkish.

Finally, if you want something savory to pair with your drink instead of something sweet then simit will be best for you! Simit is a circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds commonly eaten as breakfast food across Turkey.

In conclusion, when enjoying Turkish coffee in Istanbul don't forget to indulge yourself with some delicious treats like baklava or lokum which can add another dimension to your experience.

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